Used Trucks for Sale in South Dallas, TX

Find a Used Truck at Southwest Kia in Dallas

We might be a Kia dealership, but when you're looking for a multitude of vehicles, you can find it here, especially within our used car collection. That's because we carry all body styles and it includes used trucks for sale for those in the Dallas area. We encourage you to take a look and see what's available here so you can find the right truck and save!

Why Buy a Used Truck from Southwest Kia?

There are plenty of reasons to explore buying a used truck from us. For starters, there could be a truck that you're interested in driving that we have available here. We can help you explore all these details and get behind the wheel of one for a test drive to see if it's a good fit for you. There's also the benefit of knowing that everyone here at our dealership is committed to your experience with us, and that includes offering many standout tools which allow you to get a head start such as getting a trade-in value if you have one, calculating payments, getting pre-approved for financing and applying for financing all online on our website.

Explore Our Used Truck Options for Sale in Dallas

We offer a wide range of different used trucks. These are going to vary by model year, mileage, vehicle brand, size, features and other attributes all to give you lots of quality choices. We have top truck brands available like used Chevrolet trucks as well as used Ford trucks, plus used Ram and used Toyota pickups along with others. It's a dynamic lineup which changes based on what's available. You're able to find recent model year options with lower mileage, to those that might have a bit more mileage but still have been well maintained and will provide you with the quality you desire out of your truck. With each option of course, there's savings on cost and a wide range of prices so you can find the ideal truck and fit for you here at Southwest Kia.

We'll arrange test drives for you, and when you do find that right used truck, we're able to make sure you find the right terms as well with auto financing for used trucks. We'll help you get a payment plan that makes sense, and we work with many lenders of all types to deliver you a truck that you can afford.

Visit Us to Learn More About Used Trucks Today

If you're looking to get started, make sure to reach out to us here at Southwest Kia. We'd be happy to highlight all the different choices available to you, answer your questions and help you find the right fit at our dealership soon!

Plus TT&L, fees & $150 doc fee